Why do our clients trust us?

We started our business more than 10 years ago as a friendly, family team. Our focus on the client, his desires, and the quality of our work made it possible for us to scale up our team and later register "Ed Stroy", Ltd. as a company.

  • Today we have a very large team of specialists. You will not need to wait, while we finish other projects, before we do yours.
  • Our specialists are experienced in their own fields. We do not send a tile master to do electric, nor an electrician to do tile. There is no such thing as the true professional specialist that does everything.
  • In spite of the size of our team, all of our specialists are personally hired and verified by our general manager, Edgar. He is the "Ed" in "Ed Stroy". So you can be certain of the professionalism of our specialists. And don't be surprised, if you run into Edgar on the job site - he continues to check on quality of work.

Our passion is premium-class building and remodeling. Our clients trust us to bring their dream projects to life, once and for all.